We understand that this maybe a difficult time for you and we are here to assist. As women, our hair is our crown, if we feel beautiful and confident, it makes it much easier to tackles any and all obstacles. Makeup is just a simple addition, however our hair truly defines us, whether naturally long or short, it is part of who we are.

When  preparing for and or dealing with hair loss, they’re several things you will need to consider to better prepare you for your practical and emotional needs. Remember appearance is very important to almost everyone, so It is completely normal to feel anxious and or upset about any possible changes that you may experience during this time.  The good thing about it all is you have options!!!

Chemotherapy and hair loss


Chemotherapy is a term which is used to describe medicines that treat cancer. This medicine is used to help eradicate the cancer from the body so that it can heal. However, sometimes chemotherapy can have some side effects, one of the most commonly known are Hair loss or hair thinning.


Not all chemotherapy treatments cause hair loss and it is temporary, which means the hair does grow back after the treatment is complete. Patients can expect to see a small amount of new growth within just a few weeks.


They’re options to cope with hair loss during this time, there is a technique called Scalp Cooling that is used along with certain chemotherapy medicine that can reduce hair loss. Ultimately, experiencing hair loss during your treatment will more or less depend on the dosage of chemotherapy medicine.


You have options!!!

On a brighter note, when dealing with hair loss, hair thinning or even alopecia, just like your hair loss is temporary, you have temporary replacements as well. WIGS!


Wigs can serve as a fun alternative, you can play around with different colours, lengths and textures, perhaps ones you’ve never tried before. That colour or length you’ve always been afraid of, may turn out to look absolutely amazing on you. Something you may want to try once your natural hair grows back. Wigs can serve as a temporary confidence booster and you can always customize your wigs and make them unique to you.